aperol spritz recipe

Aperol Spritz Recipe-4 Boost Your Energy

Aperol Spritz Recipe is a refreshing and sophisticated cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Made with Aperol, prosecco, and soda water, it is a delicious and easy-to-make drink that is sure to please.


Origin Of Aperol Spritz Recipe


Aperol Spritz originated in Italy in the early 1900s, and it has since become one of the most popular cocktails in the world. It is often served as an aperitif before dinner, or as a refreshing drink on a hot day. I hop hope Thithis info is helpful for you…


Is Aperol Spritz an alcoholic drink?

Aperol Spritz is a low alcohol aperitif

With an alcohol percentage of just 11%, Aperol Spritz is a great choice if you’re choosing to moderate your drinking. You could even pair it with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine to keep this popular aperitif super low!


Why do people drink Aperol?

is an Italian aperitif, originally created in 1919 by bartender Raimondo Ricci. The drink was invented as a means to combat the heat and humidity of Italy’s summer months. It became popular among people who wanted something light to sip on before dinner.


Why is it called Aperol?

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb and cinchona, among other ingredients. It has a vibrant orange hue. Its name comes from apero, a French slang word for apéritif.



Aperol Spritz Ingredients

cocktails require four basic ingredients, plus ice.


No 1: Aperol

Only Aperol will do here. Aperol is a bright orange apéritif. The brand describes the flavors as, “zesty orange with complex herbal scents harmonized with a touch of vanilla.” Look for Aperol near the liqueurs or amaros at the liquor store.

No 2: Prosecco

Prosecco is an inexpensive Italian sparkling wine similar to Spanish Cava or French Champagne. I recommend choosing a dry (brut) Prosecco so you drink doesn’t turn out too syrupy or sweet. Good choices range from 12 to 18 dollars.

No 3: Club soda

For some fizzy dilution. Any unflavored sparkling water will work. I keep cans of sparkling water in my pantry for this purpose.

No 4: Slice of fresh orange

You can skip this if you don’t have it, but an orange slice is the classic garnish for an Aperol spritz.


aperol spritz recipe


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What to Serve with Your Aperol Spritz


aperol spritz recipe 3-2-1


The aperol spritz is commonly served as an apéritif. Apéritifs are designed to be served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. They’re typically lightly alcoholic and more dry than sweet.

Serve your Aperol spritzes with Italian or general Mediterranean-flavored appetizers. Keep in mind that Aperol is on the bitter side. Salty, creamy/fatty and sweet foods take the edge off bitter flavors.


simple options that pair well:

1: Fresh fruit, such as grapes, oranges and strawberries

2: Caprese Skewers or Mediterranean Tomato & Feta Dip

3: Popcorn drizzled with olive oil (why not?)

4: Olives or Torn Olives with Almonds, Celery & Parmesan

5: Goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, or burrata with crusty bread (perhaps with olive oil and/or good jam)


aperol spritz recipe


aperol spritz recipe

Aperol Spritz Recipe

Embark on a sensory journey that captures the essence of joy, shared moments, and the tantalizing embrace of a balmy breeze. Raise your glass to this Italian masterpiece and let the magic unfold. Santé!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 2 servings


  • stemless wine glasses


Per cocktail

  • 6  ounce (2 part) Aperol
  • 6  ounce (2 part) dry Prosecco
  • 2  ounce (a splash) club soda or unflavored sparkling water
  • Orange slice, for garnish


  • Add ice to a wine glass until it is nearly full. Pour in the Aperol (I usually eyeball this and pour until I’ve filled about one-third of the glass).
  • Pour in an equal amount of Prosecco. Top your drink off with a splash of club soda and add a slice of orange. Enjoy!


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People Aslo Call As A Aperol Spritz Recipe 3-2-1

aperol spritz recipe 3-2-1

prosecco (75ml), 2 parts Aperol (50ml), and 1 part soda (25ml). Ready to get mixing? We’ve broken it down for you below!


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